About RED

The Research and Enterprise Division (RED) supports, and works closely alongside the academic, student and entrepreneur communities to help sustain, and grow, activities that create the culture, reputation, and impact that define the University of Bristol. We do this through our multi-disciplinary teams of professionals who use their expertise and knowledge to provide advice, guidance and support across the broad, diverse and fascinating research and enterprise found at the University. We constantly strive to add value in all we do, and contribute to what makes the University the magnificent place it is.

RED has always supported scholars, researchers and innovators throughout the many stages of these endeavours, but perhaps our greatest focus is in helping to maximise and accelerate the impact of those discoveries. This could be through co-ordinating large collaborative bids; managing complicated interdisciplinary projects; ensuring research complies with regulations and good practice; brokering collaborations with businesses, developing the innovators of the future, or protecting and commercialising intellectual property through a licensing or spin out opportunity.

We work closely with a range of funding bodies, organisations and businesses, both established and start-ups, and are often the entry portal to the University. Whether you’re an organisation looking to work with us, a world leading academic, an early career researcher, or a student entrepreneur, you’ll find RED has much of the expertise and knowledge needed to help you achieve your aspirations.