Researchfish FAQs for staff

FAQs for staff

What do I need to do?

UKRI expects all their PIs to submit outcomes information during an annual submission period.

Actions required include:

When is the next submission period?

The next UKRI submission period is 7 February 2022 to 17 March 2022. Researchers will need to log on to Researchfish and submit their return by 4pm on Thursday, 17 March 2022, at which time the system will close to submissions. However, Researchfish is open for researchers to enter details until then.

Does this submission period apply to all funders?

A number of other public funders and research charities also seek feedback from researchers via Researchfish. The majority of these (e.g. NIHR and BHF) have now brought their submission periods in line with UKRI.

Please note:

How and when will I be contacted?

Emails from funders (e.g. UKRI, NIHR, CRUK) and/or Researchfish will be sent to the email address for each PI that is listed in Je-S, starting in early January 2022. Please be sure to check your email, including your junk/spam folder; if you do not receive a communication you are expecting, let us know.

Will a sanctions policy be applied?

It is a condition of receiving funding from Research Councils that the principal investigator (PI) completes Researchfish. Investigators are asked to complete Researchfish each year during the award and for a number of years after the award has finished. Failure to complete Researchfish can result in sanctions for PIs until such time as they provide feedback on their outputs (see the UKRI Sanctions Policy).

Other funders may adhere to the UKRI sanctions policy, or have their own policy (eg, CRUK). Check with your funder if you have questions about this.

Is it mandatory that I submit outcomes for my grant?

Frequently yes, but please see your funder’s communications about your awards. Your funder will indicate to you whether a submission is mandatory or optional for each award you hold. Additionally, the Researchfish system uses a series of Response Codes to indicate whether a requested submission is mandatory or optional for each award, which you can see when you access your own records. The University’s own Research Outcomes Team will monitor compliance on mandatory submissions for all funders participating in the annual UKRI and Multifunder Submission Period but will not monitor optional submissions. 

Do I need to submit outcomes for a grant that ended several years ago?

Researchers are asked to provide updates annually during the period of the awards and usually for five years after their awards have finished.  Some funders may ask researchers to provide updates annually for a longer period than this. 

What do I do if I do not have any outcomes to report?

Where there are no new outcomes to submit, you can indicate this by adding “not applicable this year” as an answer to the mandatory questions, and clicking the submit button in the usual manner.

If you consider it unlikely that any further outcomes will arise from an award, please contact your funder to explain this and ask if they will consider “closing” the award in Researchfish.

Should PhD research students submit outcomes for their studentships?

UKRI will only be asking for students who are in the third or later year of their studies to submit their outcomes, i.e. PhD students whose awards started on or before the 1 February 2019.

Please note:

a) This year, because of the ongoing pandemic situation, PhD students who hold UKRI-funded scholarships will not be required to submit their research outcomes through Researchfish. However, they will still be able to submit them if they wish to do do (i.e., it will be optional for them).  

b) The UKRI sanctions policy does not apply to students, though overall institutional compliance may be considered in making future doctoral training awards.

c) Research Councils may publish details of the outcomes that students enter through various channels including Gateway to Research.

What should I do if I am no longer at the University of Bristol or am on a period of extended (e.g. maternity, medical) leave?

The University has a responsibility to confirm annually with funders which grants are expected to complete an annual outcomes submission and for ensuring compliance of grant holders. If there are reasons why this is not possible or appropriate, we are able to flag an award accordingly. Please contact if you think this applies to you.

What should I do if I can’t see one of my awards?

Awards are added to Researchfish when your funder supplies them with the required information. Depending how frequently your funder supplies this information, a new award may not appear in the system immediately. Alternatively, your award may be listed against a different individual (e.g. a previous PI).  Contact your funder if you cannot see an award that you are expecting to see among your Researchfish records. 

Likewise if, the details relating to an award/grant associated with your account are incorrect, you should contact your funder in the first instance, as Researchfish are unable to change award details. You can contact your funder through the Researchfish website:

If you have issues with the Researchfish system, please contact
If you have queries related to an award, please contact

Can I re-use my Pure entries in Researchfish?

Publications in Pure that are related an award held by a PI at the University of Bristol will automatically be uploaded to Researchfish (note - this does not apply to publications related to awards held by PhD research students). For the Pure data to be used, there must be a DOI or PubMed ID on the publication record and a valid funder reference code within the project record. Additionally, Bristol must be the project lead organisation. More information about Researchfish/Pure interoperability is available.

As well as the publications upload, it's possible to copy and paste any information you enter in to Pure by extracting the data as a Word document, for example:

What happens to my data?

UKRI wants to exploit the outcomes data information fully and share with others, in order to convey the quality and impact of the UK research base. Outcomes information from Researchfish is published via the UKRI Gateway to Research.

Read more on the Researchfish Why Report? page.

Where can I find further information?