Pure to Researchfish uploads

There is a publications and datasets relations upload service from Pure to Researchfish.  It is available to all Bristol Principal Investigators (PIs) who are required to submit the outcomes of their research via Researchfish. Unfortunately we cannot upload publication or dataset relations on behalf of research students.

Bristol PIs - what you need to do

Throughout the year authors should link their publications and their datasets to their projects in Pure. For publications, the most convenient time to do this is likely to be when the publication is first added to Pure.

What will happen

Any valid links in Pure will be uploaded to Researchfish on behalf of the PI ahead of the February/March submission period.

The upload period ahead of the February/March 2022 submission period has yet to be coordinated, but will take place shortly before the submission period begins (usually beginning of February).  

Service limitations: to avoid confusion, Researchfish closes the bulk upload during the spring submission period, which means we cannot upload from Pure once the submission period has begun.

Further details about the publications bulk upload

In addition to the publication and dataset bulk-uploads, researchers will still be required to enter details of other publications and all other research outcomes into Researchfish and to submit their return as complete and accurate during the forthcoming submission period.

What if a project/publication link is created manually within Researchfish?

Once the submission period is over, we extract any fresh publication/project relations from Researchfish and add them back into Pure.  This enriches the Pure project records. Note that this process doesn't create any new Pure publication or project records, it just creates a relationship between pre-existing publication and project records.