Pure and ORCID

Accurate researcher attribution is a common problem. ORCID addresses this problem by providing researchers with a unique iD that can be used throughout research and publishing lifecycles.

The University strongly encourages all academic staff and postgraduate research students to sign up to ORCID. Getting an ORCID iD takes only a few minutes.

How to create/connect your ORCID iD

  1. In Pure, on your Personal overview screen, click on Edit profile and a new window will open.
  2. Select Create or Connect your ORCID.
  3. Read the message that will appear on your screen, then select Proceed.
  4. New to ORCID? Fill in the form to generate an ORCID (you will receive a verification email that you must action to complete your registration). Have an ORCID? Login using your ORCID credentials.
  5. Authorise the data exports from Pure to ORCID (see benefits below).
  6. You will be redirected to your Pure profile where the ORCID iD will now show. Remember to press Save.

The criteria for research outputs to sync from Pure to ORCID is as follows:

Please note, if research outputs are edited and go into re-validation status, this means they will also drop out of the feed to ORCID until they are validated again. If you receive a notification to say something has been deleted from ORCID and it is in re-validation in Pure, this is likely what has happened. 

The Pure to ORCID synchronisation is daily, so any changes or additions in Pure will be exported to ORCID within 24 hours.

What are the benefits of connecting ORCID and Pure?

If at any time you wish to stop the Pure/ORCID synchronisation you will need to remove Pure as a trusted organisation (on the ORCID site, underneath your account settings).