Pure and ORCID

A researcher can create an ORCID from Pure or connect an existing ORCID to Pure. A daily export can be set up to update ORCID whenever a published output is added to Pure.  Note that an Editor of Person records can only add an existing ORCID to Pure on behalf of a researcher, they can't create an ORCID on behalf of a researcher.

Guidance for a researcher

Guidance for an Editor of Person records

What are the benefits of connecting ORCID and Pure?

  • Your ORCID iD will appear on Explore Bristol Research;
  • An official University affiliation and a link to EBR will be added to your ORCID entry;
  • Your ORCID list of works will be updated whenever you add an output to Pure;
  • The University can use your iD to help identify your full research portfolio.

Updates issue

There is currently an issue with the Pure/ORCID integration. Pure will attempt to update ORCID every day, even when no changes have been made. No updates will actually be made (unless changes are made in Pure) but users may receive three ORCID notification emails per day.