Translational Research Hub

The Translational Research Hub (TRH) is a Wellcome-funded initiative supporting the translation of biomedical research from any Faculty into medical interventions. Together we represent decades of expertise and proven strategy that transforms research into direct impacts on human health.

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Sarah George (Head of Translational Research Hub)

Susie Maier (Translational Research Manager)

Carrie White (Translational Research Manager)

Diane Clark (Impact Development Officer)


Augustine's Courtyard
Orchard Lane

What is Research Translation?

It's the process of taking research - the understanding of something, the data that has been collected - and developing it into a product, a service or an intervention. It gets research out there and used in practice.

For Researchers

Our mission is to provide you with direct support in the strategic development of innovations and ideas. By engaging with translational support early in the research journey risks can be identified which saves you time and saves funders money. When translation is built in, direct benefits to human health can be realised much more quickly.  We can advise on building translation into every stage of your research and funding. By working with us, your research could result in a medical or social intervention much sooner than you think.

For Industry and Social Enterprise

The TRH is a direct, frictionless route into the University for external partners to engage directly with academics, commercialisation and collaborative research opportunities in Health and Life Sciences. 

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