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Collaborate with our researchers to gain competitive advantage.

At Bristol, we are working at the frontiers of research - much of it is carried out in a highly collaborative way and co-created with partners. This is what turns world-leading research into world-changing impact.

By engaging with our research, you gain competitive advantage. The University has expertise in Arts, Social Sciences, Science, Life Sciences, Health Sciences and Engineering and an ability to work across disciplines. Work with us to drive pioneering discoveries, technological advancements and new ways of thinking.

Through combining our research with the expertise and reach of partners, we can drive societal, environmental and economic benefit. Our research will not only help your organisation thrive but together, we can shape the future. 

Some of the ways that we can work together are:

Collaborative research

We can work together on a research project that is of mutual interest to your organisation and to the University. These can be co-funded between the University, your organisation and/or funding bodies.

Join a research consortium

Lead or be part of a group of organisations working together on a large initiative, part funded by UK or international public funders or charitable trusts.

Contract research

In some areas, you can commission the University to deliver a piece of research.

Work with PhD students

Fund an individual PhD student or engage with cohorts of PhD students through our Doctoral Training Centres. This will give you the opportunity to shape research and benefit from working with a high-quality students.

Get involved

Discuss how you can engage with research and collaborate with us. 

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