Connect with our students

Build your talent pipeline, recruit interns or graduates and raise your profile.

Our students are the next generation of world-leading talent. We offer free and cost effective ways to engage with students during their studies and when they graduate. We can also raise awareness of your organisation and help you recruit. 

There are lots of options to engage with students and graduates. We will tailor a solution that fits your needs and are open to creative and new ways of working. 

Some of the ways that we can work together are:


Short opportunities for students or recent graduates to work for your organisation. They typically last between 1 and 16 weeks.

Advertise a vacancy

Advertise your part-time job, internship or full-time graduate role, free of charge, on our online jobs portal, to reach over 30,000 students and recent graduates.


A relationship with one or more students where you will provide advice, support and guidance.

Student projects and live briefs

If you have a challenge within your organisation or you would like a new perspective on how to do something, you might be able to pose a question or project for a student, or group of students, to work on as part of their degree course.

Placement Year

A Placement Year normally takes place between the second and third year of a degree course. A student will work for your organisation as part of their degree programme. 

Attend a recruitment event

There are various recruitment fairs and events that you can attend. Find out more on our Careers Service webpages.

Work with PhD students

Fund an individual PhD student or engage with cohorts of PhD students through our Doctoral Training Centres. This will give you the opportunity to shape research and benefit from working with a high-quality students.

Find a volunteer

Whether you need fresh ideas, niche skills or just lots of enthusiasm, students are the perfect addition to your team of volunteers. Find out more on the Student's Union website.

Contact the Careers Service

Our Careers Service has direct access to 30,000 and graduates. Whether you want quick access to an individual student for a specific project or you are looking for a dynamic engagement plan to support your significant recruitment needs, they will work with you to tailor a solution that suits your needs. Contact the Careers Service.

Contact the faculty teams

Our Faculty Teams provide tailored opportunities to connect with students in particular subject areas. Contact our Faculty Teams.

Working with students

Hear from an organisation who have benefitted from connecting with our students. 

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