Industrial placements for visiting students

If you would like to join the Medical School on an industrial placement year, you should first contact the group you are interested in working with. 

It is important to discuss the following with the supervisor before entering into an agreement:

  • Expectations – how long you will spend in Bristol, what research you will undertake, the methods you will learn, and what supervision you will receive.
  • Cost – you should discuss the cost of your visit, which may vary depending on your mode of study, and your topic area. For example: Laboratory work will incur a higher cost than desk-based research.
  • Visa – if you are an international student you will be required to comply with home office legislation. For further information on visa requirements please visit the student support pages.
  • English language requirements – if you are an international student and require a Student Visa to study then a minimum IELTS score is required, for further information please contact the Health Sciences Faculty office
  • Qualifications and references – before visiting, you will normally be expected to provide copies of relevant qualifications, and two academic references.

You will be registered as an honorary member of staff for the duration of your placement.

You will need to email who will help you to start the application process for honorary status. Please await confirmation from the supervisor before contacting the School Office, as you will not be able to complete the process without their approval.

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