Examples of PhD projects

Below are details of some of the PhD projects, offered by our academics for the academic year 2024/25. If you are interested in a particular project or research area, please mention this in your application and your research proposal and feel free to contact supervisors directly. These, however, are only examples of projects; the research would normally evolve in real time, and supervisors are generally open to new projects. Once you feel that you are interested in a specific research area or supervisor please mention this in your application form so we can direct your application to the most appropriate reviewers.


Tim Dokchitser
Algebraic number theory and elliptic curves (PDF, 80kB)

P‌hilip Welch
Logic/Set Theory

Celine Maistret
Computational number theory and arithmetic geometry

Tim Burness
Algebra and group theory

Misha Rudnev
Number theory and combinatorics

Oleksiy Klurman
Analytic and probabilistic number theory, combinatorics, harmonic analysis

Matthew Tointon
Combinatorial and probabilistic aspects of groups

Farhad Babaee
Analytic Geometry, Combinatorical Algebraic Geometry

Probability, analysis and dynamics

Marton Balazs
Last passage percolation/Fluctuations in interacting particle systems (PDF, 31kB)

Joseph Najnudel
Probability theory and analytic number theory (PDF, 100kB)

C‌arl Dettmann
Stabilisation in switched systems / Spatial networks (PDF, 53kB)

J‌ohn Mackay
Geometric group theory and analysis on metric spaces

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