Accessibility and support

We want to enable all students to access library resources and study spaces. All staff can offer you assistance and you can ask for help at any of our library enquiry points across our 8 libraries. There are also 5 library-managed study spaces. Each library and study space can provide a different learning experience so you can choose which one is best for you. Some of our libraries sit within departmental buildings, but you are welcome to use them all.

Where to find height-adjustable desks for sitting and standing. 

Where to find height-adjustable desks
LocationNumber of desksCan I book a desk? Notes
Arts and Social Sciences Library 12 yes - book here   All desks on the ground floor in the quiet study area.  
Beacon House Study Centre  6 yes - book here 

2 desks on the ground floor are not bookable.

4 desks on the first floor are bookable. 

Chemistry Library 5


1 is manually operated with CCTV.   

Education Library 1 yes - book here  Book Room study area. 
Grace Reeves Study Centre  2 no  
Medical Library 1 no  Level B - Social Study area.
Physics Library  2 no  In discussion zone. 
Queens Library  1 no Reading Room 
Senate House Study Centre 9 no

7 desks on the third floor. 

2 desks on the second floor. 

Veterinary Sciences Library  1 no

PC room

Wills  1 no  Cooper Room.  

Library access and evacuation  

We can: 

  • Advise you on access routes to ensure you can safely enter and exit library spaces
  • Provide alternative services where safe access/exit is not possible (book postage, book collection and scanning services)
  • Enable access to our Accessible Study Room (ASR) and Accessible Technology Room (ATR)
  • Offer a library orientation tour to show you where fire exits and assembly points are located so you feel more prepared in an evacuation.
  • Offer a library orientation tour to show you where fire exits and flashing beacons are located to offer an alternative to the audible alarm system.

Please see Library locations and opening hours. These pages include links to AccessAble guides to provide you with detailed information about the accessibility of university buildings. 

Have you been recommended that a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is completed? This is a plan to ensure that you can safely leave the University building you are in if there is an emergency evacuation. Please contact your School Disability Coordinator to arrange. Library Support can input into this process.

There is further information available on the Safety and Health pages under Evacuation: PEEP Guidance

Other support services available at the University of Bristol  

  • Student Support- our dedicated teams are here to help you throughout your time at university.
  • Study skills- develop and enhance your study skills so you're better prepared for university study, helping you to improve your grades and even helping in your professional and personal life.
  • Disability Support- advice on how to get study support for a disability, including required evidence. Guidance on how to get a diagnosis and funding options.

eBooks- accessibility guidance

Find out about accessibility information in our collection of eBooks. Please see guidance for screen reader users and those needing to modify text in the links provided within each publisher summary. 

Please contact Library Support if the format of an eBook is not accessible to you.


Accessible and inclusive resource lists

Here is a range of resources that offer students and staff self-help and support.

New resource lists on the way! We are currently working on updating and increasing the content on our resource lists, so watch this space! 

Our most recently published is the Autism Resource List, which includes books, e-books and webpages covering topics from personal experiences to clinician's guides, women-specific content to resources for being autistic at the University of Bristol.

Pile of books which are included in the Autism Resource list from Library Support
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