General enquiries

Tel: +44 (0)117 928 8000 | Internal 88000

Key service enquiries

Electronic resources advice


Inter-library loans advice


Library Support (for dyslexic and disabled users)

Tel: +44 (0)117 928 8502 | Internal 88502

Open access publishing advice


Research data advice


Subject librarians

Your subject librarian can help with subject-related enquiries and advise about library resources in your subject area.

Library teams

The library teams are organised into four groups headed by the Director of Library Services.

  • Ed Fay
    Director of Library Services and University Librarian (Interim)

Personal Assistant to Ed Fay:

Enquiries for the Library Senior Management Team and central planning activities based at Augustine’s Courtyard:

Tel: +44 (0)117 42 82833 | Internal 82833

Organisational chart for Library Services showing team units and key contacts (PDF, 98kB)

Content and Planning Team

This team is responsible for the Library's acquisitions, cataloguing and collection management, digital library and core administrative and planning activity.

  • Ed Fay
    Director of Library Services and University Librarian (Interim)
  • Patricia Rogers
  • Head of Content Procurement
  • Karen Thomas
  • Head of Metadata and Collection Management

Research Services Team 

This team is responsible for the Library's Research Services, these include Open Access, Research Engagement, Research Data Service and Special Collections.

Students and Learning Team

This team is responsible for all of the Library's front-line customer services, student engagement, communications and marketing, collection development, information literacy and academic liaison activities with schools and faculties.

Planning and Resources Team

Covid-19 update

The Reading Room is currently closed and staff have only partial access to collections.  We continue to offer a copying service and limited amounts of research as alternative methods of access, as far as copyright, permissions, staff availability and access to collections will allow.

Special Collections enquiries should be sent to or voicemails can be left on 0117 928 8014.

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