Pawnbroking customers in 2010: a survey

Authors: Sharon Collard, David Hayes
Funded by: National Pawnbrokers Association
Published by: National Pawnbrokers Association
Publication date: August 2010

The National Pawnbrokers Association commissioned this research against a backdrop of significant change in the UK credit market. While earlier research used qualitative in-depth interviews to find out about the views and experiences of pawnbroking customers, this is the first independent quantitative survey of pawnbroking customers carried out in the UK. The survey was not intended to be representative of all pawnbroking customers. It does, however, give us a unique insight into the views and experiences of a group of 500 customers from a range of companies. Management information relating to around 5,500 customers was also analysed.

Pawnbroking customers in 2010: a survey (PDF, 316kB)

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