The financial wellbeing of disabled people

Authors: Jamie Evans, Sharon Collard, Ellen Fruijtier, Hayley Dawson, Luis Campos Ferreira and Eric Harris
Funded by: abrdn Financial Fairness Trust
Published by: University of Bristol
Publication date: September 2023

In this study, we spoke to disabled people in the UK to find out what ‘financial wellbeing’ means to them and the difficulties they face in trying to improve their financial wellbeing. We used the information to help us measure the financial wellbeing of disabled people in a survey. The 815 disabled people who took part in the survey were members of a UKwide research panel of approximately 3,500 people run by the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers (RiDC), which is broadly representative of the wider disabled population.

This study is important because it:

  • Is designed with the help of disabled people so that it reflects their views, experiences and priorities for improving financial wellbeing (something that has not happened before).
  • Looks beyond the generic label of ‘disabled’ to examine if and how financial wellbeing differs by demographic factors such as age and income as well as the number and type of impairments that someone has.

Read the report via the links on this page.


In September 2023, we held an hour-long webinar on the financial wellbeing of disabled people. This can be viewed below.

Policy briefings

We produced four short briefings on the policy areas highlighted in the research:

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