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We seek to understand how animals evolved and shaped the biosphere and geosphere. We study the anatomy and genetic structure of fossils to understand the evolution of organisms.

Members of Jakob Vinther’s research group study a broad range of subjects.

One focus of our research is Ediacaran-Cambrian radiation of animals. We want to understand the evolution of key innovations in the sea and on land. We make use of new fossil evidence and phylogenetic and molecular clock evidence. We use this to help us understand organismal evolution and interplay.

We also study the processes of fossilization and the preservation of soft tissues. Understanding these processes helps us to accurately interpret fossils. It helps us to understand what was never present and what may have decayed away.

We study the preservation of colour patterns in the fossil record. We look at everything from Feathered dinosaurs to Cambrian trilobites. We want to see how visual predation and communication has shaped colour patterns, signaling and camouflage strategies through to today.

Research areas

Work in the group generally aligns with one of these themes:

Key projects

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Dr Jakob Vinther
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