Schmidt Lab

We study the effects of climate change on marine organisms, past present and future.

The Schmidt lab is a recognised leader in studying the biotic reactions of marine calcifiers to past climate change.

We study the causes and effects of global warming and ocean acidification. We look at the modern era and geological time. We share our findings with stakeholders to help protect our oceans.

We examine records of ocean acidification for a range of organisms. These include coralline algae, benthic foraminifers, bryozoans, bivalves, scaphopods, gastropods, and marine plankton.

The group studies a variety of subjects to detangle the various effects that changes in climate have had on the marine realm. The research themes in the group are:

  • carbonate and carbon cycle
  • palaeoclimate events and evolutionary consequences
  • marine conservation policy

We use tools from many fields, including geochemistry, material science, microscopy and climate modelling.

We apply a range of methods to study organisms threatened by climate change. We reconstruct internal structures, determine material properties, analyze their chemistry to quantify impacts of ocean acidification.

Research areas

Work in the group generally aligns with one of these themes:

Key projects

Contact Schmidt Lab

Professor Daniela Schmidt
Tel: +44 (0)117 95 45414 | Internal 45414

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