Pisani Lab

We study the co-evolution of Life and Earth. We combine genomic and geological information to understand the evolutionary history of life.

We look at the origin of new physiologies, cell types and organs. We focus on lineages that played major roles in the evolution of the Earth system.

Our theoretical research spans the development of phylogenetic methods. We look at how to improve the signal to noise ratio in phylogenetic datasets and supertree methods. We use divergence time estimation, and study how to recover an accurate timescale of life.

In our applied research we look at the origins of key lineages that evolved early in life’s history. This can range from the Last Universal Common Ancestor of Life (LUCA) to the origin of the eukaryotes and animals.

We also study protein family evolution and genome evolution. We look at the genomic underpinning of key evolutionary innovations.

Research areas

Work in the group generally aligns with one of these themes:

Key projects

Our research

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Professor Davide Pisani
Tel: +44 (0)117 39 41196 | Internal 41196

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