Below is a list of our current StaffPostdoctoral Researchers and Research Fellows and Honorary Research Fellows. You can also find details of our current PhD students and recent members of the Bristol Palaeobiology Group.


Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Fellows

  • Dr Marta Álvarez-Presas: Comparative genomics of parasitic animals (Wellcome Trust PDRA)



  • Dr Alexander Bowles
  • Dr David Button: Macroevolution of birds (ERC Innovation PDRA)
  • Dr Hugo Dutel: Form, function and development of the amniote skull: a case study using lepidosaurs (BBSRC PDRA)
  • Dr Joseph Keating: Macroevolutionary modelling (ERC Innovation PDRA)
  • Professor Liang Lü: Associate Professor, Hebei Normal University, nematode evolution
  • Mr Edmund Moody: Inferring the tree of life and evolution of metabolisum (Templeton Foundation PDRA)
  • Dr Benjamin Moon: Marine reptiles of the Strawberry Bank site of exceptional preservation (Leverhulme/ NERC BETR PDRA)
  • Dr Carlos Rivera Rivera: Evolution of gene regulatory networks in Metazoa (EU Marie Curie Research Fellow)
  • Dr Romain Sabroux: Fossil sea spider and chelicerate evolution (EU Marie Curie Research Fellow)
  • Dr Catherine Sheard: Macroevolution of mammals (ERC Innovation PDRA)
  • Dr Suresh Singh: (ERC Innovation PDRA)
  • Dr Tom Stubbs: Macroevolution of tetrapod disparity (ERC Innovation PDRA)
  • Dr Jamie Wilson: Projecting uncertainties in the marine biological pump (AXA Fellow)
  • Dr Zhicai Zhu: Sedimentiology across the Permian-Triassic boundary (CSFC Research Fellow)

Honorary Research Fellows

  • Dr Delphine Angst: New insights into the ecology of the dodo using a multidisciplinary approach 
  • Dr Natasha Bakhurina: pterosaurs from Russia and Asia
  • Dr Massimo Bernardi: Permian-Triassic tetrapods and ichnofossils (Trento)
  • Dr Heather Birch: (NERC)
  • Dr Arnau Bolet: macroevolution of Mesozoic lepidosaurs (Postdoc, Institut Cayalyà de OPaleontologia, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Professor Derek Briggs FRS: Experimental taphonomy; evolutionary significance of exceptionally preserved fossils; Burgess Shale (Director of the Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University)
  • Dr Kenneth De Baets: Ammonoids and marine palaeoecology (Visiting Fellow)
  • Emeritus Professor David Dineley: Fossil fishes: Devonian
  • Dr Armin Elsler: Early tetrapod evolution: Red Queen or Court Jester? 
  • Dr Humberto Ferron: Early vertebrate evolution 
  • Dr Pam Gill: Kuehneotherium and the relationships of Mesozoic mammals (Research Associate)
  • Professor Susan Marriott: Clastic sedimentology
  • Dr Carlos Martinez Perez: Conodont phylogeny and function (Lecturer, University of Valencia)
  • Dr Maria McNamara: Colour in the feathers of fossil birds and dinosaurs (Lecturer, University of Cork)
  • Dr Duncan Murdock: Shedding synchrotron light on the fossil record of early plant evolution (Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, University of Oxford)
  • Professor Chris Paul: Fossil echinoderms; quality of fossil record (Research Fellow). Contact
  • Dr Colin Palmerpterosaur flight biomechanics
  • Dr Laura Porrocranial biomechanics 
  • Dr Suman Sarkar: (Scientist, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, Lucknow, India)
  • Dr Judyth Sassoon: Mesozoic marine reptiles (Research Associate)
  • Ms Weichen Sun: Early animal evolution, Chinese Scholarship Council (Visiting researcher)
  • Dr Mike Taylor: Sauropod dinosaur anatomy and function (Research Associate)
  • Dr Danna Titelboim: (EU MSC Research Fellow, University of Oxford)
  • Professor Maurice Tucker: Carbonate sedimentology and ancient environments
  • Dr David Whiteside: Triassic-Jurassic fissures and their faunas (Research Associate)
  • Dr Mark Wilkinson: Phylogenetic method; caecilian evolution (Natural History Museum)
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