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What is and isn’t recorded

By default recordings will only capture what is shown on the main screen, plus the speaker’s voice. Some lecture theatres are equipped with video cameras and these can be used on request.

Sessions are automatically recorded if they are:

  1. Part of a SITS unit (four letters and 5 digits or 5 letters and 4 digits code),
  2. Taking place in an equipped room and
  3. Labelled as lecture in the timetable.

Sessions that do not fulfil one or more of these criteria are not automatically recorded, and neither are those in units that are opted out.

For assistance recording sessions that are not automatically recorded please email

Do I need to do anything?

Scheduled recordings automatically start (at the time a lecture is timetabled) and stop (five minutes before the timetabled end) in all equipped rooms for sessions classed as ‘lecture’ in Syllabus Plus and part of taught units.

If you choose not to take any action, the recording will be automatically published, unedited, after two working days, and become available to students via the Mediasite link in the corresponding Blackboard course.

How do I access my recordings?

Recordings are accessed via Re/Play in Blackboard. Log into Blackboard and click on the My Re/Play link in the top right to see all the recordings you have editing access to.

Anyone who is enrolled as an instructor on a Blackboard course can see and edit its recordings via the My Re/Play tab on the top right (this shows all the recordings someone has access to; you can click on the unit’s Shared Folder on the bottom left to only see this unit’s recordings).

Recording owners will be notified by email when the recording is ready to be edited and published. A recording’s owner is the staff member named against a lecture in Syllabus Plus, or, if there are multiple names or no names, the Unit Director (as named in SITS).

User guides

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