Digital Health Research Strand

Supporting broader University Digital Health strategy, this strand will increase visibility of the considerable volume of digital health research within the University of Bristol to potential collaborators externally and to the public through bringing together teams around challenges and research topics, developing and building partnerships with external organisations and engaging undergraduate students in its activities.


The strand creates a multidisciplinary space which draws on research across the entire University and aligns with the University’s mission as a civic University.  The aims of the strand are to increase visibility of the considerable volume of Digital Health research within the institution to potential collaborators externally and to the public; and to leverage the skills of undergraduates and postgraduates within the University for research purposes. The strand aims to support building interdisciplinary communities that have capacity for multidisciplinary bids, generating external contacts, public relationships for advisory groups and co-production activities.


Increasingly the NHS expenditure is dominated by patients with long-term conditions such as dementia, cardiovascular disease, many cancers and diabetes. Research into those conditions and the management of those conditions fundamentally requires an ability to measure the patient over long periods of time, typically within their own community. Examples might be the patient weighing themselves, wearing a fitness wristband, keeping a log of their symptoms via a mobile app, or accessing clinical and vital status outcomes data. Once that information is available, then interventions can be developed or delivered based upon it. For example, large pragmatic randomised controlled trials can follow-up patients digitally or, as part of an intervention, patients might be reminded that they forgot their exercises yesterday, that their medication needs to be changed or that they need to speak to a health professional.

The method of collection, means of communication, method of analysis and the delivery of a broad range of interventions are the focus of this Digital Health strand.

Key activities

The strand will focus on the following activities:

  • Community Building
  • Digital Health Website and External Engagement (Project Officer 1)
  • Workshops with University Staff
  • Digital Health Internships


Strand Lead: Professor Ian Craddock, Engineering

Contact Digital Health Strand Project Officer Erin Dooley

Digital Health Development Programme

Are you a coder? Are you interested in applying your coding skills to problems in healthcare? If so, the new Digital Health Development Programme, aimed at Bristol undergraduate students, could be for you.

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