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Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Bulletin 16 September 2021 16 September 2021
  • Development of the Oxford AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine with Dame Sarah Gilbert 13 October 2021 We were honoured to welcome Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert as our 8th Elizabeth Blackwell Annual Public Lecture speaker on 6 October 2021.
  • Cancer- early detection and prevention 23 September 2021 Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, accounting for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018. In countries like the UK where we have strong health systems, survival rates of many types of cancers are improving thanks to accessible early detection, quality treatment and survivorship care. Find out about some of the work taking place in early detection and prevention at the University of Bristol and beyond.
  • Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Bulletin 16 September 2021 16 September 2021
  • Résumé for Researchers: the whys and hows of narrative CVs 15 September 2021 Our Research Associate in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Ola Thomson, pens an overview on narrative CVs, explaining how they can enable researchers to showcase a broad array of outputs and outcomes from their research beyond published papers.
  • The mental health experiences of autistic students 15 September 2021 As we head into a new academic year – coming from a previous academic year unlike any other due to COVID-19 – the start of term is likely to leave a lot of students feeling anxious. Here, Dr Felicity Sedgewick explains how this is especially the case for autistic students, who are more likely to experience clinical levels of anxiety (and other mental health issues) in general, and who tend to find periods of change more stressful than non-autistic people do.
  • Opening the door to arts-and-science collaborations 14 September 2021 Our Medical Humanities research strand developed arts and humanities research by opening the door to arts-and-science collaborations. As the work of this strand comes to a close we look at at how it created and supported new arts-science collaborations by connecting researchers from all faculties together with clinicians and external partners.
  • Fat matters more than muscle for heart health, research finds 9 September 2021 New research has found that changes in body fat impact early markers of heart health more than changes in body muscle, suggesting there are greater benefits to be expected from losing fat than from gaining muscle.
  • Bristol report calls for action to tackle the digital divide 23 August 2021 Digital inequality in the city could severely impact life chances, according to new research published today (Monday, 23 August) by Bristol Digital Futures Institute (BDFI) and Knowle West Media Centre.
  • Bristol Science Film Festival 2021 health prize winners 3 August 2021 We are pleased to announce winners of the Bristol Science Film Festival Elizabeth Blackwell Institute health film prize 2021.
  • Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Bulletin 8 July 2021 13 July 2021


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