Including you in our research

If you want to be part of making new discoveries, there are ways to get involved in health research with us. The more voices we include in research, the better it will be.

Inclusion is at the heart of the research we support. By representing everyone in research we can improve healthcare in ways that benefit all. We include public in health research through public engagement activities and a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Below are some examples of ways you could get involved with research.

Working with communities

Through our projects and events, we often partner with local communities. The best way to get involved with us is through your community group or organisation.

You can also get in touch with the Public Engagement team at the University of Bristol. 

Patient and Public Involvement

Health research is informed and strengthened by working with the people it affects. Many health research projects now include patient and public involvement (PPI) contributors, where non-researchers join project teams to help develop and inform the work. You can find out more about PPI opportunities at the University of Bristol by contacting specific Schools, Centres or Research Groups. Find out more about the University's research

Clinical trials 

If you would like to take part in a clinical trial you need to speak to your medical professional (Doctor or Consultant), as they will know which trials are recruiting and whether you might be able to take part.

Inclusion and support for University of Bristol researchers

To ensure that everyone has fair access to quality healthcare, we need to nurture an inclusive research culture right from the start. This begins with supporting individual researchers and their projects.

We encourage researchers to consider equity, diversity and inclusion in their research design. This way research can serve our rich, diverse society and everyone can benefit from discoveries.

If you are a researcher at the University of Bristol, visit our intranet for advice on public engagement, or how to consider inclusion in your health research. 

Institute intranet site for University staff

Medical conditions

Speak to your medical professional for information about your health, or condition.

To find out about research related to specific conditions the University has an online database of publications that are accessible to the public. 

Connecting you

If you are a researcher or work in healthcare find out about ways to connect and collaborate with other researchers.

Keep in touch

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We are a member of EDIS, a coalition of organisations working to improve equality, diversity and inclusion within the science and health research sector.

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