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Brain Centre Research Group Annual Report 2019-2020

The Bristol Brain Centre delivers outstanding research and care across movement disorders, cognitive disorders and multiple sclerosis neurological specialties. Despite the enormous impact of COVID, 11736 patients were seen clinically in the year to April 2020 and 364 patients were entered into research across 38 different studies – with many attending multiple times as part of complex trials of interventional products.

Highlights of our work up to April 2020 include a blossoming clinical academic training programme through appointment of 5 NIHR Academic Clinical Fellows and 2 NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturers alongside clinical and non-clinical PhD students. In addition to excellent clinical care and research, the brain centre teams have delivered teaching and research presentations locally and nationally and our public profile has been boosted by events such as the BRACE conference and an award-winning BBC2 documentary featuring the groundbreaking GDNF trial in Parkinson’s Disease.

Brain Centre Research Group Annual Report 2019-2020 (PDF, 1,028kB)

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