Disability and health needs

Your choice of accommodation may be influenced by ill-health or disability. As long as you tell us, we will do everything we can to offer you a suitable room.

The sort of things that you might tell us about include: 

  • a mental health problem, such as anxiety, that might mean you need a smaller residence or flat;
  • a skin condition such as eczema, which might mean you need an en-suite to apply steroid creams and avoid infection;
  • a condition that means you tire easily and so you need to be close enough to come home and rest during the day;
  • any mobility difficulties.
  • If you need an especially quiet room because of a disability or health condition
  • if you need to move in early because you might have difficulties familiarising yourself with your new accommodation
  •  If you have friends or relatives with disabilities who might visit you regularly

The types of things we may be able to provide, depending on your health/disability needs, may include:

  • Provision of an individual fridge for medication requiring cool storage
  • A vibrating pillow connected to the fire alarm system
  • An accessible/wheelchair friendly room with adjustable facilities
  • A ground floor room or a room that has access to a lift
  • An ensuite room
  • A studio flat with self-contained cooking facilities and bathroom

If there are any additional costs connected to your allocated accommodation that arise as a direct result of your health condition or disability, you may not be liable for these. 

So that we can make you a suitable offer of accommodation it is important that you:

  • apply as soon as the accommodation applications open or soon after,
  • tell us about your ill health or disability on your accommodation application form

We would also recommend contacting Disability Services as they may be able to provide a range of study-related support.

Please be aware that we will require medical evidence before your request can be processed and we may not always be able to offer you a room in one of your preferred residences.

Parking permits

Students who need their own transport due to a disability can apply for a residence parking permit

You will need to apply separately for a campus parking permit if required.

Disability services

The University's Disability Services is a confidential service providing information, advice and guidance to prospective and current disabled students.

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