Bike security

What you can do

  • Use a good cycle lock with a silver security rating or higher – we recommend a ‘D’ Lock. Refrain from using a cable lock or poor-quality chains as these can easily be cut by thieves. You can buy bicycle locks (substantial student discount) at ‘The Basket’ shop in the Richmond building (click and collect only service at the moment due to Covid-19 - see, or from Royal Fort Lodge.
  • Get your bike security marked at the University – you can bring your bicycle to Royal Fort Lodge or attend a cycle security marking event.
  • Lock your bicycle through the frame and both wheels. Two D-locks locks are best.
  • Lock your bike before leaving it, even if it is only for a few minutes.
  • Do not park your bicycle in isolated, poorly lit places.
  • Try not to leave your bikes in any shed overnight, at weekends, or for long periods. The University’s policy is that cycle parking is for daily use only (except for facilities at student accommodation).
  • Take quick release parts (such as wheels, lights or seats) with you. 
  • To report an emergency e.g. a theft or suspicious behaviour in progress call Security Services on 0117 331 1223 (All calls will be recorded for security purposes)
  • To report after the fact or damage to a bicycle, motorcycle or a cycle facility please call the Non-emergency number for Security Services 0117 928 7848 (All calls will be recorded for security purposes) 
  • Consider insuring your bike. Cycles may be covered under your house contents insurance, but they often need to be added as a named item.

What the University does

  • Sell bicycle locks (heavily discounted for students) to University staff and students
  • Offers free bike security marking to University staff and students
  • Regularly review security measures for all cycle parking facilities (both existing and planned)
  • There is CCTV across the University
  • Actively engage with students and staff so they are aware of good cycle security measures
  • Provides locked cycle parking facilities (staff only)
  • Provides a University Cycle to Work Scheme which can include cycle locks