Bike Maintenance

fixing a bike chain Cycle Clinics regularly take place at the University. During these clinics, ‘doctors’ give bicycles a check-up, carry out minor surgery on the spot, fix punctures, tune gears and replace cables. If your bike needs more intensive care they will also write a prescription so that you can take it to a cycle shop.

Five top tips (PDF, 260kB) on repairing your bike and cycle maintenance videos have been kindly provided by Made Good.

Video guides

Brake care

This tutorial will teach you how to diagnose brake problems, and how to mount a service a calliper brake.

Chain care

Included in this tutorial is how to lubricate your chain, measure chain wear, put a new chain on your bike and how to connect and break a chain

Check and true a wheel

This tutorial will teach you how to check the truth of a rim on your wheel, and how to straighten a bent wheel.

Fix a puncture

This tutorial will teach you how to remove the tyre, check for the source of a puncture, patch an inner tube and inflate the tyre on your bike.

Lubricate a bike

This tutorial will teach you how to lubricate the chain, the moving parts, and the cables on your bike.

Fit a brake cable

This tutorial will teach you how to fit a brake cable on your bike.

Please note that if you are at all unsure you should get your bike repaired by a professional and the University does not accept any responsibility for any damage that may be incurred while utilising these videos.