Cycle parking request procedure

Part of the ongoing development of the staff and student travel plans is the installation of additional cycle parking facilities.

Sustainability are responsible for installing facilities on the University Estate, along with Capital Projects with the development of Precinct Masterplan.

There is now a new request procedure for installing new facilities on the University Estate. Facilities can be requested at any time, but installation will not be instantaneous. Funding will generally be provided by Sustainability and the Travel to Work Implementation Group (TWIG), but their maybe times when funds are required by the Department.


  1. Identify site for potential cycle parking facility – Sheffield hoops, shelter or shed
  2. Inform the Head of your Department or Building Manager
  3. The Head of your Department or Building Manager is required to make the official request to Sustainability.
  4. Site visits and further investigation will be required by Sustainability. This could involve applying for planning consent from the City Council
  5. Details of the facility request will be sent to the Cycle Facility Installation Group for approval*
  6. If the facility is approved then it will be programme in for installation..

*This group contains a representative from Estates Operations, Space and Asset Management, External Estates, Security Services, Capital Projects, Maintenance Services and Capital Maintenance and Infrastructure.

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