Student memberships

Student memberships offer access to a range of facilities and programmes, for current University of Bristol students. Choose a membership based on the activities you enjoy and a payment plan which suits your needs.


£5.99 monthly (+ £5.99 joining fee)
£19 for 3 months
£54 for 12 months 

Our most basic membership option.

Standard membership benefits, plus

  • 50% discounted outdoor tennis court hire

Booking rights: 7 days in advance

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Terms and conditions (PDF, 766kB)

Active #1

£16.79 monthly (+ £16.79 joining fee)
£59 for 3 months 
£150 for 12 months 

Standard membership benefits, plus [choose one]

  • Off-peak gym*
  • Off-peak fitness classes*
  • Swimming
  • Outdoor tennis

Booking rights: 8 days in advance


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Terms and conditions (PDF, 766kB)

Active #2

£20.99 monthly (+ £20.99 joining fee)
£79 for 3 months 
£189 for 12 months 

Standard membership benefits, plus [choose one]

  • Anytime gym
  • Off-peak* gym and off-peak classes
  • Off-peak* gym and any-time swimming

Booking rights: 9 days in advance


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Terms and conditions (PDF, 766kB)

Active Plus

£25.99 monthly (+ £25.99 joining fee)
£99 for 3 months 
£235 for 12 months 

Standard member benefits, plus all of the following benefits:

  • Anytime gym
  • Anytime classes
  • Anytime swimming
  • Discounted indoor tennis court hire
  • Access to Langford Gym
  • Free BUCS UNIversal pass

Booking: 11 days in advance (priority booking)


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Terms and conditions (PDF, 766kB)

*Off-peak times: Opening until 3:30pm on weekdays. Anytime at weekends.

Membership benefits

Standard benefits included with #WeAreBristol, Active #1, Actve #2 and Active Plus:

Additional benefits for members on an Active #1, Active #2 and Active Plus who have gym access included in their membership:

  • Free 30-minute group gym clinics for training support [currently suspended]
  • Weekly women-only gym sessions for members who self-identify as female 

Active Langford

£8 monthly (+ £8 joining fee)

£75 for 12 months

You will have:

  • Access* to gym facilities at Langford gym, located at the Veterinary School in the village of Langford, North Somerset, 14 miles south-west of Bristol.
  • Join team sports activities and training with BUCS.
  • Free access to all B:Active Campus sessions.

Buy membership 

Once bought, email so we can add Langford Gym access to your UCard.

*Access is currently restricted to pre-booked sessions on Mondays 12pm - 2:30pm, Wednesdays 3pm - 7pm and Fridays 11am - 3pm due to covid-safety compliance. All sessions will be 60 minutes with a break between each session to allow our staff to undertake cleaning.

Terms and conditions (PDF, 766kB)

Pay as you go

As a student at Bristol, you can access most of our facilities on a pay as you go basis, including classes, swimming, the gym and courts, without the need for a membership.

Bursary Sports Pass

You can buy a sports membership with additional discount if you have been awarded the University of Bristol Bursary or Access to Bristol Bursary.

You can purchase a sports pass at a discounted bursary rate once bursaries have been allocated. The latest purchase date for bursary-discounted sports passes is 31 May.

Sports passes are valid from the time of purchase until 31 August.

To find out more or buy your pass, email us at, including your student number.

Terms and conditions (PDF, 766kB)

Please note: We cannot activate your discounted membership until we have received confirmation of your eligibility from the Student Funding Office.

BUCS UNIversal Scheme

All University of Bristol students who take out a 12-month paid-in-full Active Plus membership are entitled to free access to 90+ UK universities' gyms with BUCS UNIversal scheme.

Visit our BUCS UNIversal page for more information

Terms and conditions

View and dowload a copy of our full Terms and Conditions (PDF, 766kB)

Here's a handy guide (PDF, 139kB) to remember some of the key points relating to behaviour, membership and cancellations.

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If you have questions that aren't answered in our membership FAQs, contact:

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