Staff memberships

Staff and family members

Sports memberships are available to current staff, as well as their family members.


  • Current staff (Ucard required).
  • Partners of current staff living at the same address (proof required).
  • Children of current staff who are under 19.
  • Staff no longer working at the University who are in receipt of a University pension.

Membership types

From the Autumn we will have a range of new and updated staff membership types, as follows:

  • Staff Swim £15 (monthly)
  • Staff Off Peak Gym £18 (monthly)
  • Staff all Facilities £24 (monthly)
  • Staff all Facilities plus Classes £36 (monthly)
  • Staff Family Swim £15 (monthly*)
  • Staff Family Off Peak Gym £18 (monthly*)
  • Staff Family all Facilities £24 (monthly*)
  • Staff Family all Facilities plus Classes £36 (monthly*)
  • Staff Junior Facilities (under 19) £9 (monthly*)

*Per additional user

Langford staff

A gym containing a range of fitness machines is located at the Veterinary School in Langford. Use of the Langford gym is included in staff sports passes with or without classes.

Separate membership for the Langford gym only costs £115 a year, and is available to current University staff working at Langford, as well as contract staff employed directly by the Veterinary School.

University staff pay via monthly salary deductions of £9.58. Contract staff must pay the full one-off cost in advance, either by including a cheque with the application form or by debit/credit card at the indoor sports centre.

Please read the terms and conditions (PDF, 105kB) before submitting your application form (PDF, 51kB).

Members must undertake an induction before using gym equipment. To book an induction, please contact us.

Pay as you go swimming

In order to ensure we have a record of any medical conditions that may affect your ability to swim, and that you agree to the terms of use, we ask you to fill out a short form to use the pool on a pay as you go basis. We will issue you with a card which you can then show at reception each time you wish to payg swim.


£4 per visit.

Apply for a sports pass

Please read the terms and conditions (PDF, 59kB) of membership and rules and conditions of use (PDF, 57kB) before submitting an application form (PDF, 65kB).

Pay as you go

You can pay as you go to use the Indoor Centre Sports hall (£5 per visit) or swimming pool (£4 per visit).

You may also sign up for independent activity programmes and use the services provided by the Sports Medicine Clinic without purchasing any kind of membership.

Free swimming for pregnant women

We are now offering free swimming to all pregnant users of the University Swimming pool. Please visit the reception desk of the Swimming pool or Indoor Sports Centre to return your completed form and show your prescription exemption card. free-pregnant-swim (PDF, 162kB)