Creating relations between Pure content types

You can create relations between content types in Pure. This will enhance the meaning of the data and will help with reporting on the outcomes of grants and investments.

How relations can be re-used

How to create relations (links) in Pure

  1. Find the Pure record you want to link from (i.e. publication, project, activity, etc.), click on the item and a new window will open
  2. On the record, scroll down to the Relations section and specify the content type you want to create a relation to by clicking on the relevant icon
  3. Find the record you want to link to, Pure may display a default list, but you can create a link to any existing record (for as long as the visibility has not been set to 'Highly confidential')
  4. Click Save

Note that you can add multiple relations on each record. To remove a relation, click on the minus sign (-) opposite the title of the added item.

How to create a relation from a publication record to a project.