Placements and schemes

University knowledge and expertise can be tapped into very effectively through its people. Schemes exist for both undergraduates and postgraduates to be placed within companies to carry out projects, for periods ranging from a couple of months to 3 years.

The STEP programme is a national scheme for short and medium term work placements.  STEP places undergraduates and graduates into small and medium sized companies and community organisations to undertake a specific business or technical project driven by the needs of the host organisation, enabling them to develop their business through the recruitment of bright and talented individuals.  The participants, in turn, develop valuable personal and technical skills.

 Longer-term research and development projects can be carried out within a company using the knowledge transfer partnerships scheme. This Government-subsidised programme enables a company to connect with the expertise of a University research group via a Research Associate, who works on a specific project within the company, to enhance their products or processes.  These projects are carried out by postgraduates and last from 12 months to 3 years.

Undergraduate student placements can also be arranged by establishing a direct   link with University departments.  Although many of the University's degree courses do not include a sandwich year with a company, all students may apply for a year placement and arrange to suspend their study in order to do this.  Alternatively, an undergraduate can work with a company during a vacation, which does not normally affect their coursework.  If you are interested in pursuing such a possibility, you can either contact the relevant department directly or speak to our business account manager, Frances Frith.

The University Careers Service maintains a database of placement opportunities which is accessible to students on all degree programmes.  Employers can submit details of their placements through an online form.

Workshops on work experience, placements and internships are run throughout the year.  These are designed and delivered in-house, with an invitation to company representatives to give an employer's viewpoint.

For further information please contact Jo Hutchings (, telephone 0117 92 88236 in the careers service.