University ethical review

The Ethics of Research Policy and Procedure (PDF, 195kB)‌ governs the ethics of research across the University of Bristol. It applies to all staff, students and anyone else carrying out research under the auspices of the University. All research that has ethical implications or involves human participants, their tissue and/or data must have an ethical review.

If research is undergoing an NHS or Social Care ethical review then secondary ethical review by the University is not required.

Studies that involve solely NHS staff or premises should seek ethical review from a University research ethics committee. HRA Approval and engagement with the relevant NHS Trust R and D department will also be required.

Please note that if your study involves any elements that would require NHS Research Ethics Committee review, the entire study should be reviewed by a NHS Research Ethics Committee.

University Research Ethics Committees

There are University research ethics committees at Faculty level. Each Faculty has appointed a Faculty Research Ethics Officer as detailed in the table below.

Faculty Research Ethics Officers
FacultyFaculty Research Ethics Officer
Arts Professor Simon Potter
Life Sciences and Science Professor Graeme Henderson
Engineering Dr Conor Houghton
Health Sciences Dr Allison Fulford
Social Sciences and Law Dr Emma Williamson

The submission of your study for ethical review by a Faculty Research Ethics Committee can be made via the online ethics tool. The Research Governance and Ethics Officer can also help with your submission.

All University research ethics committees report to the University Ethics of Research Committee and an annual reporting process is in place in line with the University’s Ethics Policy and Procedure.