Here you can find a list of members of our research group. To find out more about any member and the research they conduct, please click on their name to read their academic profile. You can also follow many of us on Twitter.

Academic and research staff

 PhD students


  • Ms Olivia Abrams
  • Ms Emma Anderson
  • Dr Michael Anderson 
  • Dr Sally Adams
  • Dr Alia Ataya
  • Ms Helen Bate
  • Mr Alex Board
  • Dr Kate Button
  • Dr David Christmas
  • Ms Miriam Cohen
  • Dr Michael Dalili
  • Ms Lizzy Dann
  • Mr Henry Davidson
  • Ms Perline Demange
  • Ms Therese Freueler
  • Dr Suzi Gage
  • Mr Harry Gove
  • Dr Amy Green
  • Dr Sarah Griffiths
  • Dr Lee Harrison
  • Ms Lisa Horstman
  • Ms Emma Howell
  • Ms Lindsey Lacey
  • Ms Rosie Lavis
  • Mr Jim Lumsden
  • Mr Alex Kwong
  • Dr Emma Mullings
  • Ms Diana Pratt
  • Dr Luca Saraceno
  • Ms Alice Scott
  • Dr Amy Taylor
  • Dr Gemma Taylor
  • Dr Michelle Taylor
  • Mr Daniel Toze
  • Dr Lea Trela-Larsen
  • Mr David Troy
  • Dr Jen Ware
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