Research activity in the School of Psychological Science is organised into three research themes:

The school takes a multidisciplinary approach to research, with staff working in collaboration with colleagues from all other faculties in order to address fundamental questions of psychology through an experimental lens.

Strong links exist in particular with the School of Social and Community Medicine, the School of Clinical Sciences, Computer Science and CRIC Bristol.

Our research aims to advance thinking in the context of industry, healthcare, education and society. Researchers have access to a wide range of state of the art facilities, including structural and functional imaging, psychopharmacology laboratories, eye movement and motion capture equipment, and electroencephalography (EEG).

Cognitive Processes

Areas of current focus in the Cognitive Processes theme:

  • Language production, perception, and comprehension
  • Typical and atypical cognitive development
  • Memory encoding, storage and retrieval
  • Social cognition and evolutionary social psychology
  • Vision: from basic perceptual processes to social perception
  • Tactile Action and Perception

Brain, Behaviour and Health

Areas of current focus in the Brain, Behaviour and Health theme:

  • Eating behaviour, dietary learning and obesity
  • Emotional processing and mood regulation
  • Neuropsychology, brain injury and ageing
  • Tobacco, alcohol and caffeine use
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