Workstream II: group intervention for men

Workstream II is part of the wider REPROVIDE programme of work which has developed and is testing an intervention to help men who are using abusive behaviour in intimate relationships.

The REPROVIDE studies are led by researchers based at the University of Bristol in the Centre for Academic Primary Care (CAPC), Population Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School and the Centre for Gender Violence Research in the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol.

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Trial of a Domestic Abuse Group Programme

  • What is REPROVIDE Workstream II?
  • Aims and objectives of REPROVIDE Workstream II

The Pilot Study

  • What we did
  • What we found

The Main Study

  • What does the study involve?
  • What does the domestic abuse perpetrator programme look like?
  • Where will the study be taking place?
  • How can I take part in the study?
  • Information for professionals
  • Study ethics and approvals

Resources for professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why a health-based intervention?
  • Why is the domestic abuse perpetrator programme only for men?
  • What support is provided to the partners or ex-partners of the men allocated to the domestic abuse perpetrator programme?


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