REPROVIDE is led by researchers in the domestic violence and health research group, based in the Centre for Academic Primary Care (CAPC), Population Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School and the Centre for Gender Violence Research in the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol.

The programme develops and tests:

  1. a training and support intervention for general practice to improve the response to children exposed to domestic violence and abuse (DVA) and men experiencing or perpetrating DVA, enlarging the IRIS model beyond women survivors of DVA (IRIS +)
  2. an intervention to help men who are using abusive behaviour in intimate relationships (Group intervention for men who are using abusive behaviour).

This work emerged from extensive consultation with established and new public and patient involvement (PPI) groups and we will continue to work with (in separate consultations) DVA survivors and men who have used abusive behaviour to inform both work streams. In addition, we will consider the needs of minority groups who are often not included in DVA research. This includes migrants, black and  minority ethnic communities and people in gay or lesbian, bisexual or trans relationships. Our results will be delivered to relevant academic and non-academic audiences, including service commissioners to implement our findings in practice, which will be discussed throughout the programme with a systematic strategy in the final year.

IRIS + (Integrated domestic violence training for general practice)

Testing training and referral to expert agencies for women, men and children affected by DVA

Group intervention for men who are using abusive behaviour

Developing and testing a group intervention

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