The REPROVIDE research team

Programme wide

Gene Feder  - Professor of primary health care - University of Bristol
Mei-See Man - Programme manager - University of Bristol
Patricia Martens - Research programme administrator - University of Bristol
Tim Peters - Professor of primary health care - Statistician - University of Bristol
LynnMarie Sardinha  - Senior Research Associate - University of Bristol
Jodi Taylor- Senior Trial Manager - University of Bristol
David Carmichael - Data Manager -  University of Bristol
Rebecca Kandiyali - Health Economist - University of Bristol
Daisy Gaunt  - Statistician - Research Associate - University of Bristol


Workstream 1 : IRIS + (Integrated domestic violence training for general practice)

Eszter Szilassy - Research Fellow - University of Bristol
Medina Johnson - IRIS
Steve Morris - Professor of Health Economics - UCL
Nicky Stanley - Professor - University of Central Lancashire
Emma Williamson - Senior Research Fellow - University of Bristol
Jessica Roy - Senior Research Associate - University of Bristol


Workstream 2 : Group intervention for men who are using abusive behaviour

Helen Cramer - Senior Research Fellow - University of Bristol
Marianne Hester - Professor -  Chair in gender, violence and international policy - University of Bristol
Karen Morgan - Research Fellow - University of Bristol
Research Secretary - to be recruited
Field worker - to be recruited
Field worker - to be recruited


Neil Blacklock - Development Director - RESPECT
Sean Cowlishaw - Co-applicant - University of Melbourne
Gail Gilchrist  - Senior Lecturer - King's College Lonadon
Kelsey Hegarty  - Professor of general practice - University of Melbourne
Louise Howard - Professor - King's College London
Sue Ziebland-  Professor of medical sociology - University of Oxford 

Past REPROVIDE members

Ana Atkinson
Alyson Huntley
Alice Malpass
Lucy Potter
Rebekah Shallcross
William Turner

Advisory Board

Juha Holma - Doctor - Department of Psychology, University of Jygväskylä, Finland
Harriet MacMillan - Professor - McMaster University, Canada
Meritxell Pérez Ramírez - Doctor - Institut of forencic sciences and security, University of Madrid, Spain
Sandra Eldridge - Professor - Queen Mary University, London, UK
Ed Gondolf- Professor Emeritus of Sociology - Indiana University of Pennsylvania, US
Nicole Westmarland - Professor - Durham University, UK

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