What is IRIS+?

IRIS+ stands for Enhanced Identification and Referral to Improve Safety.

It is building on the successful IRIS project. IRIS, which involves increasing the identification, documentation, and referral of female victims of domestic violence and abuse and survivors of abuse within GP surgeries, has already been proved to work and has been implemented by 34 areas of England and Wales.

The IRIS+ training and intervention extends the IRIS model. It aims to improve GPs identification and referral of male victim/survivors and perpetrators, female perpetrators (as well as victim/survivors) and children exposed to domestic violence and abuse to our specialist support service.

We know that for many victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse the GP surgery is the one place they can be seen alone. We also know that male and female victims and survivors feel that it would be appropriate for their GP or nurse to ask them about domestic violence and abuse.

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