Workstream II: group intervention for men

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Is REPROVIDE still recruiting during the Coronavirus period?

YES! The REPROVIDE study trialling a group intervention for men is still open to recruitment.

Please continue to send referrals to the research team through the usual channels (phone 07976 22 5462 or 07870 376 548 or email

Why are we still recruiting?

We recognise that during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 period of increased stress, uncertainty, home confinement and isolation, domestic abuse is likely to increase. We therefore feel that as far as possible, it is important that domestic abuse services provide support to men wanting to change their abusive behaviour and to their (ex)-partners. The REPROVIDE study is continuing to recruit men as before (although with the important changes below). This means that as well as recruiting participants, we will be asking them to complete questionnaires and offering services to those randomly allocated to our 23-week domestic abuse perpetrator programme.

Modifications during COVID-19

The group intervention for those men allocated to receive it is currently suspended in its weekly group format, in order to reduce the spread of the virus. Instead domestic abuse coordinators will be in regular contact with participants by phone, WhatsApp or Skype, offering support and advice. The weekly group programme will start up again as soon as health and government advisors tell us that it is safe to do so and being already signed up means men can move more quickly into one of these groups.

Female partners and ex partners of men allocated to receive the intervention: Support to these partners will continue to be offered as normal, using remote methods.

Safe recruitment methods to the study have been put in place, using phone, Skype, WhatsApp. These will be used during the COVID-19 period.

Safeguarding – we will continue to monitor risk and safeguarding concerns with all our participants and contact the appropriate authorities and agencies where needed.


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