Academic GP training

Academic Clinical Fellow (ACF)

The Centre for Academic Primary Care has a very successful ACF programme. Two or three posts are funded by both NIHR and Severn Postgraduate Medical Education each year. The ACF programme provides a two-phase, four-year training programme for those wishing to pursue a career in academic general practice. The objectives of the programme are to provide basic training in research methods, experience of conducting research and support for making an application for an externally funded PhD programme. ACFs have an academic supervisor in the Centre for Academic Primary Care for the whole of their four years who will help them develop their research interests, as well as an educational supervisor in a local practice. 

Applicants applying for NIHR ACF ST1 GP posts will require clinical benchmarking and will therefore be required to complete and submit both an ACF application form and the associated GP application form when recruitment opens. Applicants will be asked in the clinical application form what posts they wish to be considered for; ACF only or clinical and ACF posts. It is important that applicants understand the implications of their response to this question as they will not be permitted to change their answer to this at a later date. It is therefore important that applicants check their application answers fully, prior to submission. Applicants stating in the clinical application form that they only wish to be considered for ACF appointments will not be considered for clinical training programmes, regardless of their performance at selection.

If shortlisted, ACF applicants will be first required to attend an integrated academic interview, consisting of both academic and clinical questions and assessors, usually in December. Those who are considered appointable at the ACF interview will be invited for National General Practice assessment at ST1, providing they have also completed the associated National General Practice application form. Any academic offers made will be conditional upon meeting the appointability threshold at the clinical assessments.

Advertisements for ACFs commencing August 2018 will be posted on this website and Severn PGME/HESW at the beginning of October 2017. For further information please contact Prof Debbie Sharp (

NIHR (Walport) Clinical Lecturer

NIHR Clinical Lecturerships are for academic GPs who have already received their PhD/MD. The post is for up to four years during which time the post holder works 50% in the academic department to write papers, develop new research proposals and undertake teaching, and 50% in clinical practice.

Adverts appear in the national press when these are available.

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