Water debt and disconnection

Authors: Alicia Herbert, Elaine Kempson
Funded by: Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Published by: Policy Studies Institute
Publication date: March 1995
Report number: PSI Research Report 799
ISBN: 0853746567

During 1994, about 2 million households fell into arrears with their water bills, and 12,500 ended up disconnected from their water supply.

This study analyses the reasons why households face these difficulties and how the water companies responded to them. It also describes the circumstances of people who are cut off from their supply and how they managed without water. Finally, it explores a range of policies and strategies which can be developed to tackle the problem of water debt and disconnection. It concludes that water debt has become such a widespread problem it will need co-ordinated effort by all those involved to ensure that no-one is denied access to water because they are unable to pay.

Water debt and disconnection (Findings Summary) (PDF, 94kB)

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