Financial services and technology

In an increasingly financialised society, financial institutions and services play a central role in shaping the economy, society and our lives. The digital transformation of these services has widespread implications for each of these.


Open Banking for Good: Making a difference?
Sharon Collard and Jamie Evans 


Open Banking for Good: Moving the dial?
Sharon Collard and Jamie Evans


Personal Current Account switching: why don’t more people switch and what could encourage them to do so?
Yvette Hartfree, Jamie Evans, Elaine Kempson and Andrea Finney

Banking culture: a customer perspective
Sara Davies, Elaine Kempson and Kate Wood


The Child Trust Fund - findings from the wave 2 evaluation
Elaine Kempson, Andrea Finney and Sara Davies


Review of international pension reform
Sharon Collard and Nick Moore


Saving for children: a baseline survey at the inception of the Child Trust Fund
Elaine Kempson, Adele Atkinson and Sharon Collard

Membership counts – who uses credit unions?
Sharon Collard and Nick Smith

Employers’ pension provision
Stephen McKay


Advice on pensions and saving for retirement: qualitative research with financial intermediaries
Elaine Kempson and Sharon Collard


Independent review of the Banking Code: a report to Code sponsers
Elaine Kempson

Fair and reasonable: an assessment of the Financial Ombudsman Service
Elaine Kempson, Sharon Collard and Nick Moore

Young people, money management, borrowing and saving
Adele Atkinson and Elaine Kempson


Shared Banking Services: evaluation of a pilot service
Elaine Kempson


Independent review of the Banking and Business Banking Codes
Elaine Kempson


Consumers in the Financial Market: Financial Services Consumer Panel annual survey of consumers 2000
Sharon Collard


Banking without Branches: a study of how people conduct their banking business without a local branch
Elaine Kempson and Terry Jones 

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