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Below you will find details of scholarships and other funding opportunities available via the School of Education for PhD study. The Student Funding Office also provides advice and guidance to applicants and current students who are looking for funding and financial help.

The following opportunities are available for students joining the Education PhD programme in September 2019:

ESRC Research Studentships - Education Pathway Award Competition

Application deadline 12 noon GMT - Tuesday 29 January 2019

Please read the following guidance document.

Please note that this scholarship is only available to UK and EU students.

In order to apply for this scholarship, you must complete an application form for the PhD in Education.  In the funding section of the form, please tick the following box  'UK Research Council'.  This will highlight to our Admissions Tutors that you wish to be considered for an award.  

Eligible students applying for the ESRC Research Studentships must work with their supervisor and upload to their application the following by 12 noon on Tuesday 29th January the following:

There will not be any opportunity to update your application or supporting statement after noon on Tuesday 29th January.  To ensure your application is of a high standard and is regarded as being complete please make sure you provide the following documents:

  • Two recent references. References should be submitted electronically by the referee, using the online reference form. Alternatively, scanned copies of the original reference document(s) can be uploaded by the applicant. If you graduated more than two years ago, or if professional experience is relevant to the application, professional references will be accepted in lieu of one academic reference. At least one referee should be familiar with the applicant's academic work. References must be written, signed and dated on official letter headed paper from the referee's organisation. They must include the referee’s full contact details, i.e. postal address, telephone number and organisation email address. A reference template is available to show the required format. References supplied with a personal contact email address will not be accepted unless under exceptional circumstances, which must be explained within the reference. All references must be dated within the last two years.
  • Degree certificates and transcripts from first and subsequent degrees.  We require colour scans of original documents and certified translations of documents issued in any language other than English. Transcripts must list all subjects taken and grades achieved to date, with the grade scale clearly displayed in the transcript.
  • Personal statement - Personal statements should highlight the motivation for applying for the course, and any relevant experience and/or skills. Please ensure that you set out your reasons for applying for the programme clearly and concisely. This element of the application is extremely important for us in our decision-making process. This statement should focus carefully on the relationship between your professional and academic experience, your future professional and academic development and the role that a PhD will play in this.
  • English language certificates are required from applicants for whom English is not the native language and whose full undergraduate degree was not taught in an English-speaking country (please see the English Language Requirements for a list of English-speaking countries).


If you are applying to the PhD in Advanced Quantitative Methods with a 1st supervisor who is from the School of Education, please read further information on this programme, how to apply and the ESRC scholarship directly linked to this programme on the following web page:

ESRC Application Forms:

Annex A - Student Statement (Office document, 60kB)

Annex B - Supervisor Supporting Statement (Office document, 58kB)

ESRC Equal Opportunities Student Data (Office document, 54kB)

University of Bristol Research Scholarships & Alumni Funding

Application deadline:  12 noon Tuesday 29th January 2019

Please see the attached link for more information:

UoB Scholarship Information (PDF, 69kB)

Sasakawa Japanese Studies Studentship

Application deadline: To be confirmed
Please read the following information on this Scholarship here:  Prior to application, please contact Dr Misa Izuhara ( at the School for Policy Studies for further details. 

China Scholarship Scheme

Application deadline: 18 January 2019
Please read the following information on how to apply carefully here: 

Research Proposal Workshops:

Guidance on How to write a research proposal and tips on applying for a PhD can be found below:

How to write a research proposal 2018 (PDF, 127kB)

Tips on applying for a PhD (PDF, 478kB)

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