Taking exams outside the UK

You are expected to take first-sit or re-sit exams in venues arranged by our Exams Office or by your School.

In exceptional cases, you can ask for permission to take an exam at an approved institution outside the UK.

The decision whether to allow this is made by your School and Faculty.

You are responsible for paying for this service. Details of cost and how to pay are in the form.

Read the Guidance on taking exams outside UK (Office document, 60kB) and complete the Request to sit exam outside UK form (Office document, 72kB).

Holidays, working commitments or financial constraints at the time of the examination will not normally be considered a sufficient cause or reason for taking the examination outside the UK. Authorisation to sit an examination outside the UK on medical grounds will not normally be granted as students should only be taking examinations when fit to do so. Students who have medical issues should seek advice from their School.


Sections 10.7 to 10.15 of the regulations are applicable to exams outside of the UK.

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