Exam board outcomes

At the end of each stage of your programme, school and faculty exam boards meet. They decide whether you have met the requirements for progression or for an award.

Assessment marks and unit results

Assessment marks and unit results are provisional until ratified by an exam board. Schools will publish marks and results after exam boards and email you when you can access them in eVision.

Step-by-step guidance on viewing your assessment details and results.

Understanding your results

When your assessment and/or unit marks are published, you can see mark signals next to the provisional and confirmed mark.

Mark signals provide information about your assessment marks and unit results, and indicate whether you need to attempt assessments again.

Understand the mark signals on your assessments, units and transcripts.   

Programme outcomes

Your programme outcome is the decision made by an exam board about your progression to the next stage of your study.

You can usually view your programme outcome for the academic year after the summer and reassessment exam boards. This is usually released at the same time as your unit results.

When it is available, your programme outcome will be displayed below the unit details for the relevant academic year in eVision.

For outcomes other than progression to the next year of study, there will be a brief comment that describes the outcome and whether it is an appealable decision.

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Regulations and Code of Practice

Progression and classification are governed by the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes.

Exam boards

Find out more about exam boards.

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