Academic advice

Talk to someone as soon as you can so we can help and support you.

Transfer to a different course

What to do if you are thinking of changing to a different programme of study.

Transfer to a different university

What to do if you are thinking of transferring from Bristol to another university or college.

Withdraw from your studies

What to do if you are thinking of withdrawing from your studies. 

Suspend your studies

What you need to do to suspend your studies. 

Make an appeal

How to appeal against an academic decision.

Assessment support and extenuating circumstances

How to deal with circumstances that have affected your studies. 


Understand what is meant by plagiarism and how to avoid it in your work.

Returning students

Register for the new academic year; important updates as you return to the University.

Student rules and regulations

Regulations and codes of practice for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Exam board outcomes

How to view your assessment and unit results and what the different programme outcomes mean.

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