Exam forms and guidance documentation

‌Exam forms and guidance documentation
TitleDescriptionAudienceRelated information
Authorisation for the use of a translation dictionary in examinations (Office document, 31kB) Form All  
Consent to disclose information to a third party form (PDF, 327kB) Form External  
Incident Report Form malpractice or individual issue (Office document, 27kB) Form Staff  
Changes to oral examinations and-or appointment of an Independent Chair form (Office document, 40kB) - if not included in the main ARDE form Research degree form Staff  
Research degree examiners' preliminary report (Office document, 53kB) Research degree form Staff  
Research degree examiners' final report (Office document, 72kB) Research degree form Staff  
Independent Chair report (Office document, 43kB) Research degree form Staff  
Appointment of Research Degree Examiners form (Office document, 54kB)‌ - ARDE form Research degree form Staff  
Observers at a viva request form (Office document, 25kB) - if not included in main ARDE form Research degree form Staff  
Form Staff Exam papers
Rubric (Office document, 25kB) Guidance note Staff  
exam-rubric-Online-only (Office document, 15kB) Guidance note Staff  
Rubric-MCQ (Office document, 28kB) Guidance note Staff  
EThOS background information (PDF, 24kB) Research degree guidance All  
Regulations and Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes Link All Academic Quality and Policy Office
Degree ceremony information Link All Public and Ceremonial Events Office
Examination Regulations Link All Secretary's Office
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