What is the Cabot Institute Master's by Research?

This is a Master's degree with a difference. 

We need people from all disciplines to tackle the world's environmental challenges. The Cabot Institute Master's by Research is a unique opportunity to work with a leading supervisor to deliver a one-year research project that you are passionate about. The programme will bring together exceptional students from all backgrounds with a common mission – protecting the planet and securing our future. You will learn from your supervisor and your fellow students; coming together to share ideas and develop your problem-solving skills as part of an interdisciplinary team over the year. As well as being hosted within the Cabot Institute you will have a direct relationship within the relevant School for your research area, allowing you to fully take advantage of a wide-ranging research community.

Alongside your research project, you will benefit from a unique personal development and transferable skills training schedule. These unaccredited, optional events will give you the opportunity to come together with your peers to improve your research skills and develop an innovative approach to the global challenges we face today. You will also be encouraged to propose your own interests for a seminar series, giving you a unique platform to mould your studies and get involved directly with the programme. The training schedule will focus on:    

  • Interdisciplinarity & Collaboration 
  • Innovation & Enterprise 
  • Making your research a success
  • Research communications 
  • Ignite your interests (your chance to propose ideas for a seminar series)

You will also gain access to the Cabot Institute’s network of experts across academia, government, business and industry via networking events. These opportunities will not only support your research, but give you the edge in your future career, whatever that may be. 

Many of the master's by research projects that we have available can be developed for the purposes of a PhD subject to PhD funding being secured, with PhD students also having access to the Cabot postgraduate training schedule. If this is something that are interested in discussing please contact us.


I have no doubt that without the opportunities afforded me by the Cabot Institute I would not be in the position I am today.

Keri McNamara
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