The training programme on offer alongside your Master’s by Research project is designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills, adaptability and resilience to thrive in the changing modern world. These will not only supplement your immediate research skills, but will give you the tools to find success in your future goals – whether that’s further academic research or a career in sustainability.

Interdisciplinarity and Collaboration 

Working across disciplines is a key component of the Cabot Institute’s approach to environmental concerns. Through a series of practical exercises and talks by leading Cabot members and academics, you will gain an appreciation of the value in collaboration and have the opportunity to learn more about how different disciplines approach challenges.  

Innovation and Enterprise 

In partnership with SETsquaredthe global #1 University Business Incubator, you can attend 1.5 day Idea2Enterprise workshop. Here you’ll learn what makes a good business idea, how to do an elevator pitch and how to communicate your ideas. This is an opportunity for you to work with experts in entrepreneurship to understand where innovative thinking can create meaningful change within industry.  

Making Your Research A Success 

With support from the University of Bristol’s library team, you’ll receive sessions in academic integrity, referencing and critiquing sources as well as searching our library databases. This is alongside a workshop session entitled ‘Getting the best out of your research degree,’ which will help you to develop a working relationship with your supervisor and how best to plan your research. 

You will also have the opportunity to attend a Writers’ Retreat, which will give you guidance on good writing practice and how to approach your writing as a professional task.  

Research Communications 

Communicating your research is an important skill for anyone who wants their work to have more impact. You will learn how to use social media to amplify your research, and video techniques to gain better engagement and interest. Additionally, with assistance from the University of Bristol Public Engagement team, you will develop the skills to be able to engage with the public and create meaningful connections with your work. 

Ignite Your Interests 

With an interdisciplinary cohort, research approaches and training requirements will understandably vary. That’s why the Cabot Institute are empowering students to make this programme work for you. This isn’t just about training – it's also the option to help shape the culture that you’ll be working in for the next year. Is there an academic or thought leader that you would like to come and lead a seminar? Or perhaps there is an industry conference you’d like to attend? We’ll help you arrange an inspiring and unique experience that you won’t find on any other MScR programme 

Other opportunities at the University of Bristol 

There is a huge range of training opportunities on offer for postgraduate students at the University of Bristol.  

You will have full access to the range of courses on offer via the Bristol Doctoral College, allowing you to connect with other postgraduate students and work on your personal and professional development. 

Bristol Futures has a range of online courses open to students exploring interdisciplinary approaches to global challenges. They cover Innovation and Enterprise, Global Citizenship, and Sustainable Futures.  

SETsquared are also accepting applications for their Researcher to Innovator Programme, allowing students to transform from academics into innovators and learn how to commercialise their research. 

You can also make use of the training offered by the Library team, such as their guidance for using EndNote, the University's citation tool.

All postgraduate students will also have access to, an online learning platform providing a range of software, technology, creative skills and more.  

Cabot gave me the opportunity to develop and hone my communication skills — whether it was interviewing academics, writing a blog about an event, or reporting on a conference — they are skills that will stay with me for life.

Keri McNamara
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