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Secretary for the Council for Science and Technology checks out climate research at Bristol

24 April 2014

Secretary for the Council for Science and Technology (CST) Dr Alan Pitt who is based in the Government Office for Science in the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, visits Dr Emma Stone to learn more about climate research at Bristol as part of a Royal Society pairing scheme.

Mega-heatwaves dissected

23 April 2014

Cabot Institute member Diego G. Miralles from the University of Bristol's Hydrology group unravels the crucial effect of two key factors in the escalation of extreme mega-heatwave temperatures.

New approach needed to deal with increased flood risk

16 April 2014

Considering the impacts of climate change on flood risk may not be effective unless current risk is managed better, according to new research from Cabot Institute academics at the University of Bristol, published today in the Journal of Hydrology.

New design for mobile phone masts could cut carbon emissions

14 April 2014

A breakthrough in the design of signal amplifiers for mobile phone masts could deliver a massive 200MW cut in the load on UK power stations, reducing CO2 emissions by around 0.5 million tonnes a year.

Bristol scientist contributes to latest IPCC report

13 April 2014

Members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will approve the Summary for Policymakers of the Working Group III (WGIII) contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report and accept the underlying scientific and technical assessment at a meeting in Berlin, Germany today (Sunday 13 April 2014).

Bristol students win national humanitarian design award

11 April 2014

A team of students from the University of Bristol has won the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Branch Challenge 2014 with their design of a Candlenut gasification stove.