Accommodation guarantee

We guarantee to make you an offer of accommodation in our University residences, as long as you meet the criteria and deadlines listed below.

Undergraduate accommodation guarantee for 2022/23 entry

We guarantee you an offer of University-allocated accommodation if you apply by the deadline of 30 June 2022 and you are:

  • a new full-time undergraduate student during your first year of study,
  • coming to study at Bristol for the first time, 
  • firmly accept your offer of study and put Bristol as your first choice,
  • unaccompanied (this means you are coming without dependent family members, spouses or partners).

The guarantee does not apply to students who:

  • miss the application deadline,
  • have not firmly accepted their offer of study by 30 June 2022,
  • are Erasmus students,
  • have previously studied at the University of Bristol, for any length of time either online or in person (if this applies to you, you will only be eligible to apply in our returner application and not the main round of applications), 
  • have previously moved into University-allocated accommodation, for any length of time (if this applies to you, for example because you suspended your studies, you will only be eligible to apply in our returner application and not the main round of applications).

Please note that in order to fulfil our guarantee we may make you an offer for a room that is not in one of our advertised residences or offer you temporary accommodation or a place in a room shared with another student for a short time.

Important information for prospective students

The Accommodation Guarantee will be withdrawn if an applicant has not met the terms of their original offer of study by 6 September 2022. 

The guarantee deadline for international students is usually 30 June but there are a very small number of exceptions to that. If you think you are an exception, please contact the International Office and they will let us know whether we need to extend your guarantee deadline. 

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